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Maternità sostitutiva in Ucraina

Maternità sostitutiva in Ucraina


07 /02 /12
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Italian "surrogate" twins kept by a vicious surrogate in Ukraine will be defended by Rosjurconsulting in Strasbourg.

The fate of the two "surrogate" children born in Ukraine to a surrogate who refused to hand them over to their genetic parents, an Italian couple, will be decided by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Having failed to achieve justice in Ukraine, being disappointed by the Ukrainian judicial system, the spouses decided to appeal to the supreme court of Europe. The interests of the parents will be represented by solicitors of the Russian law firm Rosjurconsulting specializing in legal support of international surrogacy programs and judicial defense of intended parents who became victims of unscrupulous intermediaries or cheat surrogates.